Homestake mine in Lead, SD

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Homestake DUSEL - Conceptual Design Report

Full Conceptual Design Report (1 pdf File excluding Appendices)
Conceptual Design Report for download by chapter
  Cover, Abstract and Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction and Document Definition
Chapter 2 DUSEL Science
Chapter 3 Education and Outreach Goals
Chapter 4 Homestake Project Goals and Requirements
Chapter 5 The Compelling Arguments for Siting DUSEL at Homestake
Chapter 6 Design Concepts and Infrastructure Development for Homestake Interim Lab and DUSEL
Chapter 7 Homestake Reference Information - Status and General Description
Chapter 8 Homestake User Support Environment
Chapter 9 Summary and Conclusions
Chapter 10 Bibliography and References
Chapter 11 Appendices and Supplemental Information
Chapter 12 Glossary, Terms

Links for Appendices

A1 “Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) Site Selection and Technical Design Development”, NSF 06-614, 29 September 2006
A2 “Guidelines for Planning and Managing the Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction (MREFC) Account”, 22 November 2005
A3 Summary of South Dakota Legislation
A4 “Deep Science – A Deep Underground Science and Engineering Initiative”, 12 October 2006
A5 Homestake Interim Laboratory Letters of Interest
A6 “Property Donation Agreement between and among Homestake Mining Company of California, the State of South Dakota and the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority”, 14 April 2006
A7 “Report of the Homestake DUSEL Program Advisory Committee”, 12 March 2006 (with charge, membership, evaluation criteria, listing of Letters of Interest in Appendices
A8 “Technical Report: Geo-Science and Geo-Engineering Research at DUSEL”, D. Elsworth and C. Fairhurst. Based on materials supplied by Coordinators, Working Groups 7, 8, 9: L. Costin, F. Heuze, B.J. McPherson, J.-C. Roegiers, E. Sonnenthal, R.P. Young, 9 October 2006
A9 “Infiltration Schematic DWG No. 601W006”, Homestake Mining Co., 7 February 1990
A10 “Feasibility Evaluation of the Conversion of the Homestake Underground Mine to the Homestake Underground Laboratory”, Dynatec Corporation dated 1 December 2004 and “SDSTA Review Committee report of the Homestake Underground Laboratory Conversion Plan”, dated December 2004

A11“Homestake Re-Entry and Dewatering Program Plan, prepared for the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority, ” Short Elliot Hendrickson, Inc. and TSP, Inc., January 31, 2007

A12 “Geotechnical Analyses of Proposed Laboratory Excavations at the Former Homestake Mine Lead, South Dakota”, Golder Associates 06-1117-014, May 2006
A13 Memo from Tom Regan to Dave Snyder and Greg King regarding, Conceptual Design Report MAY 2007 Ground Fall & Seismic Events, 14 May, 2007

A14 “Preliminary Ventilation System Feasibility Study” , Dynatec Corporation, 2004

A15 “Tentative Plan for Ventilating the Homestake Science Lab Phase I and Phase II”,J.M. Marks, May 2007
A16 Adam’s Museum Letter of Collaboration

A17 “DENR Underground Inspection, May 28 and 29, 2003”, M. Cepak, M. Keenhihan, M. Nelson

A18 “DENR Underground Inspection Report, June 13, 2003”, B. Townsend, M. Cerpak, M. Keenihan, M. Nelson
A19 “DENR Underground Inspection Report, June 6, 2003”, M. Keenihan, M. Nelson

A20 “DENR Report on Homestake Mine Underground Inspections Water Quality Summary”, M. Nelson, July 2003

A21 “Geochemical Evolution of Water Quality During Re-filling of the HomestakeMine”, Geochima, Inc., 13 June 2003

A22 Cyberinternet Appendix from the State of South Dakota
A23 Additional Users’ Environment Information