January 29, 2003

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  The right gene for the job

Image of red blood cells
© Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.

A red blood cell is tough and flexible because certain proteins in its membrane link together. But linkage interferes with the cell's development -- so the gene for the protein linker makes different forms, one that links and one that doesn't. Researchers have found the switch that controls this alternative splicing.

Here come the T-rays

T-ray image

Berkeley Lab researchers recently helped produce "T-rays" at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Virginia -- beams of radiation with trillion-cycles-per-second frequency, thousands of times more powerful than T-rays from powerful lasers. Their success brings the Advanced Light Source closer to building a new synchrotron ring for high-powered T-ray beams.

Envisioning the Grid

Grid image
The winners of supercomputing's Bandwidth Challenge for three years in a row are far from complacent about the future of remote scientific visualization on the Grid. Focusing on the gulf between hype and performance, they are tackling some of the most important technical challenges facing the Grid visualization community.

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Saving energy and money for one California city's homes and businesses.

While searching for Earth-destroying asteroids, astronomers are finding exploding stars at a record clip.

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