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Kenneth Sauer, Ph.D.
Faculty Senior Scientist, PBD
Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry
University of California, Berkeley
Office: Bldg. 66, Rm 336
Phone: 510-486-4334
Email: KHSauer [at] lbl [dot] gov
Curriculum Vitae

Kenneth Sauer was born in Cleveland, OH in 1931. After completing his A.B. degree in chemistry at Oberlin College in 1953, Sauer studied gas-phase photochemistry with George Kistiakowsky at Harvard University, obtaining his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 1957.  He then spent three years as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the American University of Beirut.  In 1960, Sauer came to UC Berkeley as a NIH postdoctoral fellow with Melvin Calvin to study photosynthesis, which has been the underlying theme of his subsequent career.  Sauer joined the Chemistry Department at Berkeley as a faculty member in 1963, and was promoted to Professor in 1972.  He has served as Vice-Chair of the Department of Chemistry and as Acting Associate Dean of the College of Chemistry.  Since 1960, he has been an associate of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Sauer was recently given a lifetime achievement award in 2010 by the International Society of Photosynthesis Research (ISPR), which is presented every three years to recognize exceptional career-long contributions to understanding the process of photosynthesis.  He is currently a senior scientist at LBNL in the Physical Biosciences Division, and a professor emeritus in UC Berkeley's Chemistry Department.

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