Where to Get Additional Information
about Genome Education

[*] Access Excellence at Genentech

[*] "Diving into the Gene Pool" at the Exploratorium

[*] Genetics Education Center at the University of Kansas Medical Center

[*] GenLink at Washington University

[*] GenScope

[*] Hereditary Hearing Impairment Resource Registery (HHIRR)

[*] Human Genome Center at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

[*] Human Genome Center at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

[*] Human Genome Center at Stanford University

[*] Life Sciences Division at the Los Alamos National Laboratory

[*] MendelWeb

[*] National Center for Genome Resources

[*] "Primer on Molecular Genetics" by the Department of Energy

[*] Virtual FlyLab by California State University, Los Angeles

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Additional resources can be found in LBNL's Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Science project

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