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Sponsored by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Human Genome Program,Genome Educators is an informal network of educational professionals who have an active interest in all aspects of genetics research and education. This national group includes scientists, researchers, educational curriculum developers, ethicists, health professionals, high school teachers and instructors at college and graduate levels, and others in occupations affected by genetic research. Genome Educators is a unique collaborative effort dedicated to sharing information and resources to further understanding of current advances in the field of genetics. Seminars, workshops and special events are sponsored at frequent intervals. Genome Educators maintains an active world wide web site. This site contains a calendar of events, directory of participating genome educators, and information about educational resources and reference tools. Participating genome educators may publish articles and talks of interest at this site. In addition, a monitored discussion group is maintained to facilitate dialog and resource sharing among participants.

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We have a directory of Bay Area educators involved in genome education.

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