Modeling of the Fracture Properties of Brittle Functionally Graded Materials


Functionally graded materials (FGMs), like other composites, are designed to achieve levels of performance superior to that of homogeneous materials by combining the desirable properties of each constituent phase. To offset the adverse effects of discontinuities in layered composites, the composition of an FGM is varied over length scales that are significant in comparison to the overall dimensions of the body. The shape of this material gradient is an important parameter in determining the properties of an FGM structure. At small length scales the shape of the gradient is of little importance, and the mechanics are dominated by the size, shape and interface conditions of a particle of one material embedded in the matrix of another. Mechanics analyses of an FGM usually emphasize the larger-scaled phenomenon and treat the FGM as an inhomogeneous material, employing only the "effective" properties of the composite at any given location. It is through the variation of these effective material properties (such as modulus) that the nature of the spatial variations of the constituents affects the thermomechanical behavior of the FGMs.


on Statistical RKR Modeling of Mixed-Mode Fracture in Brittle FGMs:

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