Homestake mine in Lead, SD

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Welcome to the website for Homestake DUSEL Initial Suite of Experiments (ISE) Working Groups for the April Workshop to be held in Lead, South Dakota
April 21-26, 2008


Travel Assistance is available. Please download travel request form and instructions here.


The DUSEL Experiment Development Coordinators (DEDC) are organizing the April workshop in conjunction with the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority, as well as the Homestake DUSEL project team. The workshop is to help each of the experimenters/disciplines optimize their strategy for development, so they may be best positioned for consideration in the ISE. The workshop is an opportunity for the Working Groups to further develop and characterize the facility and support needs each experiment will require.

DUSEL Experiment Development Coordinators (DEDC)
Steve Elliott Los Alamos National Laboratory
Derek Elsworth Penn State University
Larry Murdoch Clemson University
Tullis C. Onstott Princeton University
Daniela Leitner Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Hank Sobel University of California, Irvine

For Workshop White Papers, please click on Working Group Title in order to download a copy of the Working Group White Paper.

Homestake DUSEL Initial Suite of Experiments
April Meeting Working Groups
Physics Working Groups - Coordinated by Hank Sobel, Daniela Leitner and Steve Elliott
Long Baseline/Nucleon Decay
1-km Vertical Space
Gravity Waves
Solar Neutrinos
Studies of effects of energetic particles on electronic devices, biological systems, materials and development of structure imaging from cosmic rays. Rob McTaggart, South Dakota State University
Geoscience, Geomicrobiology and Engineering Working Groups - Coordinated by Derek Elsworth, T.C. Onstott and Larry Murdoch
Letter to Geoscience Working Group Leaders
Baseline characterization and monitoring Stephen Martel, University of Hawaii
Induced rock deformation processes

Leonid Germanovich, Georgia Tech

Resource extraction
Self-Initiated Working Groups  


Derric Iles, University of South Dakota

Geoneutrino Radiometric Analysis Group for Geosciences

Toxicology of Heavy Metals (THM) in Degenerative Diseases

Education and Outreach- Coordinated by Ben Sayler and Julie Dahl
Wednesday, April 23, 2008 - Goals
  1. Build understanding of existing E&O plans
  2. Update participants about early E&O activities and opportunities
  3. Learn from outside experts about general principles of high quality E&O and about lessons learned through similar efforts elsewhere
  4. Help scientists to develop E&O components of their own proposals
  5. Gather input about infrastructural requirements related to E&O for DUSEL
  6. Establish and strengthen relationships between scientists and educators
Thursday, April 24, 2008 - Goals
  1. React to and refine ideas for Preliminary Design Report
  2. Focus on crosscutting issues, especially issues of infrastructure

On Thursday, April 24, we would like to assemble a working group to spend the day focusing on laboratory-wide E&O plans. This planning work will inform the education section of the Preliminary Design Report (PDR) to be submitted to NSF in the spring of 2009. The PDR requires detailed documentation of overarching goals, programming plans, facility requirements, funding requirements, and staffing plans. To make the E&O section as strong as possible, we seek a planning team comprised of members with diverse perspectives and experience. We welcome your expertise and urge you to share this information with others who may bring new ideas and contributions.

In order to plan for this working group, we need to know who would be interested in participating by April 5. To register and to receive more information about meeting location (somewhere in Lead, but not necessarily at Golden Hills), agenda, and other preliminary documents, please contact Julie Dahl

Credit: Zina Deretsky, National Science Foundation

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