The Japan-US Experimental Institute for Physics with Exotic Nuclei (JUSEIPEN) has been established to help promote and develop strong US-Japan experimental collaborations using rare isotope beams. 

JUSEIPEN can provide funds for U.S. scientist to travel to the RI Beam factory (RIBF) at the RIKEN Nishina Center in Wako near Tokyo, and to other institutes in support of JUSEIPEN’s goals. JUSEIPEN can also provide a framework to organize and support workshops and meetings to help coordinate effort on the science goals and logistics for U.S. involvement in RIBF.

If you are a scientist working at a US institution interested in developing or joining a collaboration with Japanese colleagues to carry out experiments at the  RI Beam factory, RIKEN, and you think JUSEIPEN can help, then please feel free contact the steering committee (via pfallon@lbl.gov). Information on applyng for a travel funds is given under JUSEIPEN Policies. 

Coordination and implementation of JUSEIPEN’s activities is carried out by a steering committee with representatives from the U.S. and Japan. Funding for JUSEIPEN is provided by the Office of Nuclear Physics of the U. S. Department of Energy. The present cycle of travel support covers the period FY2011 through FY2013.