Berkeley Lab
Necessary & Sufficient Standards Project

RUN DATE: 11/7/96


Italics = Meeting

Prior Months


11/1/96 Draft Final Report due to TEID

11/6/96 'Convened Group' Meeting

11/6/96 Stakeholder comments due

11/6/96-11/8/96/96 Enter Stakeholder issues into N&S Database

11/6/96-11/8/96 Convened Group to coordinate responses to Stakeholders' comments on the Standards Set

11/6/96-11/8/96 ID Teams to address Stakeholder issues in N&S database

11/8/96 'Convened Group' Meeting

11/11/96 Final Standards Set due to Convened Group

11/13/96 LBNL N&S Contract Modification and Final Report signed by the Agreement Parties.