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CAG Members

Danny Broberg, UC Berkeley
Danny Broberg is a material science PHD student at UC Berkeley. He is also the VP of Membership of the Berkley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC), a multidisciplinary network of Berkeley students and faculty.

Jenn Cogley, Bayer Corporation
Jenn Cogley is the Deputy Director of Community Relations with Bayer Corporation. Prior to her position at Bayer, Jenn was the Sustainable Business Coordinator for the City of Berkeley, and focused on growing high tech industry in the city.

Rena Dorph, Lawrence Hall of Science (Interim Director)
Rena Dorph is serving as the Interim Director at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Rena has worked in in the field of educational research and evaluation for over 15 years.

Marcos Gandara, Community Member
Marcos Gandara is an Oakland resident and has been a member of the Panoramic Hill Association since 2003, including four years as a Board member. Marcos has a BA in Pure Mathematics from the University of California and worked as an Engineering Assistant for the UC Physics Department and at LBNL while earning his undergraduate degree.

Ruben Lizardo, UC Berkeley
As Director of Local Government and Community Relations, Rubén is the liaison between the Campus the City of Berkeley, Richmond and other cities in the East Bay. Ruben also plays a leadership role in supporting local and regional campus-community partnerships across the East Bay and greater Bay Area.

Kirsten MacDonald, Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Kirsten MacDonald is the CEO of the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce, and has partnered with the City of Berkeley since 2014 to establish and grow the Visionary Awards, an annual event that celebrates the top innovators in Berkeley.

Emily Marthinsen, UC Berkeley
Emily Marthinsen, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Physical & Environmental Planning, is UC Berkeley’s Campus Planner. In that role, she is responsible for planning policy, environmental review and early project development including program and project definition and alignment with overall campus plans. She is responsible for the campus design review process. Emily is a licensed architect and long-time Berkeley resident.

Dean Metzger, Berkeleyans for a Livable University Environment (BLUE)
Dean Metzger is a resident of Berkeley. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, with a professional history in manufacturing engineering and management. Since moving to Berkeley in 1963, Dean has been active in neighborhood issues. In the mid-1990’s he joined the Claremont Elmwood Neighborhood Association (CENA), and became its President in 2002. He has also served on the Berkeley Transportation Commission and the Berkeley Zoning Adjustments Board.

Sarah Moore, City of Berkeley
Sarah Moore works as a planner for the Office of Energy and Sustainable Development for the City of Berkeley.

Jessica L. Parker, UC Botanical Garden
Jessica L. Parker is the Development Director at the UC Botanical Garden and brings to her position over ten years of non-profit management experience across a variety of different departments including marketing, communications, fundraising and business development. She has an MBA from Mills College in Marketing with an emphasis in Social Philanthropic Enterprise, and a BA in Multi-Media Art and Design from the University of Oregon. Additionally, Jessica serves on the Public Art Advisory Committee for the city of Richmond where she lives with her Aussie husband, her toddler son and her elderly cat Wyatt Earp.

Jodi Pincus – President/Executive Director, Rising Sun Energy Center
Jodi Pincus is President/Executive Director of the Rising Sun Energy Center, a Berkeley-based nonprofit organization that works to empower individuals to achieve environmental and economic sustainability for themselves and their communities. Pincus is a leading expert on the green economy, youth employment frameworks, and workforce development. Under her leadership, Rising Sun Energy Center has developed innovative green training and employment models that have gained recognition in both the national and international community.

Mark Rhoades, Rhoades Planning Group
Mark Rhoades is the President/CEO of the Rhoades Planning Group, focusing on strategic urban planning, design and development consulting.

Carole Schemmerling, Strawberry Creek Watershed Council
Carole Schemmerling moved to Berkeley in 1969 and became involved in the neighborhood in South Berkeley. This resulted in her appointment to the Parks and Recreation Commission, where she served for many years. She is a mediator for the Berkeley Dispute Resoltuion Service and a member of the Urban Creeks Council and Strawberry Creek Watershed Council.

Rich Sextro, Community Member
Rich Sextro is a long-time Berkeley resident and is a (2007) retiree from LBNL, where he studied the physics and chemistry of indoor air pollutants. He has been involved in the Lab's retiree organization, the Ex-Ls, and is chair of the UC Berkeley Retirement Center Policy Board.

Linda "Diz" Swift, Community Member
Linda “Diz” Swift is a resident in Berkeley and a neighbor to LBNL. Diz has a background working in geology and has served as a member of the Berkeley Public Works Commission.

Janet Tam, Noll & Tam Architects
Janet Tam, AIA, is a founding partner and CEO of Noll & Tam Architects in Berkeley, CA. She is a licensed architect, a LEED accredited professional, and holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Architecture from the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley.  Noll & Tam Architects is a 40-person firm that has been in practice for 25 years and focuses on the design of public and institutional projects that strive to make a visible and positive difference within their communities.