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CAG Members

Christopher Adams, Community member
Christopher Adams has lived just below LBNL since 1973.  He is an architect and city planner and is retired from UC, where he worked at the Office of the President and as the founding campus planner of its newest campus, UC Merced. He has served on the city's design review committee and transportation commission. 

Polly Armstrong, Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Armstrong is the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, a former Berkeley City Councilmember (1994-2002) and a resident of the Claremont district in Berkeley.

Whitney Dotson, Community member
Whitney Dotson is a resident of Richmond and is a retired public health professional who serves on the East Bay Regional Park District Board of Directors (Ward 1). He has worked as a Program Developer for Contra Costa Health Services. His main interest is community involvement and education to improve public health. 

Marcos Gandara, Community Member
Marcos Gandara is an Oakland resident and has been a member of the Panoramic Hill Association since 2003, including four years as a Board member. Marcos has a BA in Pure Mathematics from the University of California and worked as an Engineering Assistant for the UC Physics Department and at LBNL while earning his undergraduate degree.

Jim Hynes, City of Berkeley, Assistant to the City Manager
In his position as assistant to the city manager Jim Hynes focuses on neighborhood services and resolution of community problems. He also represents the city manager in a range of areas including institutional relations with UC Berkeley.  He holds masters degrees from UC Berkeley in both public health and city planning. 

Allegra Kim, Community Member
Allegra Kim is a resident of Oakland. She has worked in public health for over 20 years, including work in injury epidemiology, policy research, and legislation. She now works in reproductive and environmental health.

Paul Licht, UC Botanical Garden
Paul Licht is the Director of the University of California Botanical Garden. Previously, he served as Dean of Biological Sciences and Chair of the Letters and Science Deans on the UC Berkeley campus. His research focused on environmental physiology and endocrinology, including the African hyena colony housed in Strawberry Canyon.

Alex Luce, Graduate Student Representative
Alex Luce is pursuing a PhD. in Materials Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley and works in the Materials Science Division at Berkeley Lab. He was the co-president of the Berkeley Energy Resources Collaborative (BERC), has mentored underserved community college students through UC Berkeley's Transfer Alliance Program, and has received numerous awards, including a National Science Foundation Research Fellowship.

Emily Marthinsen, UC Berkeley
Emily Marthinsen, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Physical & Environmental Planning, is UC Berkeley’s Campus Planner.  In that role, she is responsible for planning policy, environmental review and early project development including program and project definition and alignment with overall campus plans. She is responsible for the campus design review process.  Emily is a licensed architect and long-time Berkeley resident.   

Dean Metzger, Berkeleyans for a Livable University Environment (BLUE)
Dean Metzger is a resident of Berkeley. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, with a professional history in manufacturing engineering and management. Since moving to Berkeley in 1963, Dean has been active in neighborhood issues. In the mid-1990’s he joined the Claremont Elmwood Neighborhood Association (CENA), and became its President in 2002. He has also served on the Berkeley Transportation Commission and the Berkeley Zoning Adjustments Board.

Lynn Olechnowicz, Community Member and Nyingma Institute
Lynn Olechnowicz is the Resident Volunteer and Registrar at the Nyingma Institute where she assists the dean, faculty, and students with academic and property management. Lynn also has a background as an architect in academic, research, and commercial architectural projects and has worked in all phases of a project - from programming through construction administration. She serves on the CAG as a representative of the Nyingma Institute a Tibetan Buddhist study center very near the Lab.

Rich Sextro, Community Member
Rich Sextro is a long-time Berkeley resident and is a (2007) retiree from LBNL, where he studied the physics and chemistry of indoor air pollutants.  He has been involved in the Lab's retiree organization, the Ex-Ls, and is chair of the UC Berkeley Retirement Center Policy Board.

Carole Schemmerling, Strawberry Creek Watershed Council
Carole Schemmerling moved to Berkeley in 1969 and became involved in the neighborhood in South Berkeley. This resulted in her appointment to the Parks and Recreation Commission, where she served for many years. She is a mediator for the Berkeley Dispute Resoltuion Service and a member of the Urban Creeks Council and Strawberry Creek Watershed Council.

Elizabeth Stage, Lawrence Hall of Science
Elizabeth Stage is the Director of the Lawrence Hall of Science, which shares both the name of the founder of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the hill above the Berkeley campus. She has worked as a science and mathematics educator for the University of California for three decades, both at the Berkeley campus and the Office of the President, towards the goal of access to science and mathematics for all. Elizabeth has lived in Claremont Canyon since 1979.

Anne Wagley, Community Member
Anne Wagley has lived in Berkeley for 20 years and has been active in local issues, including serving as Chair of Berkeley's Peace and Justice Commission and Housing Advisory Commission. She currently serves as Chair of the Citizen's Humane Commission and on the Landmarks Preservation Commission. She is Board President of Community Energy Services Corporation. She has a BA from Williams College and a JD from UC Hastings.