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Tech Transfer

2008 News Stories

08.29.08 ___________________________________________________________________ __ DOE Announces Up to $7 Million for Technology Commercialization Acceleration ____ _ The Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office is distributing up to $7 million to accelerate the movement of clean energy technologies from the national laboratories to the marketplace. Berkeley Lab was selected to receive $1.5 million, which will help post-research technologies in areas related to EERE programs move toward commercial viability. At Berkeley Lab, the money will be administered by the Technology Transfer Department to advance the Lab’s intellectual property and encourage private industry partnerships to ultimately bring new clean energy and energy efficiency technologies to market. Read more here.

07.09.08_________________________________________________________________ Berkeley Lab Wins Four Prestigious 2008 R&D 100 Awards for Technology Advances. The 2008 award designees are:

* Berkeley Lab PhyloChip - a DNA microarray that quickly, comprehensively, and accurately identifies species within microbial samples from any environmental source, without any culturing required.
* Biomimetic Search Engine - a search engine that mimics the human cognitive process to find hidden and contextually relevant information in literature, databases, music, and other digital content.
* FastBit Bitmap Index - the fastest indexing technology for accelerating searching operations of massive databases. FastBit is able to search up to 100 times faster than other technologies.
* Nanostructured Polymer Electrolyte for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries - a polymer electrolyte that enables the development of rechargeable lithium metal batteries with energy density that is at least a factor of two larger than that of existing technology.

To learn more about the winners, please visit here.

01.30.08 _____________________________________________________________________ Expo Brings the Marketplace to the Lab ___________________________________ ___ ___ The Technology Transfer Department and the Molecular Foundry jointly hosted the first Technology and Inventors Expo which brought venture capitalists and scientists together on January 30, 2008. Please visit here to read an article about the event. “Tech transfer is a powerful validation of scientific accomplishment. It’s the most stringent evaluation because it is rife with difficulties.” - Paul Alivisatos, Director of Materials Sciences Division. "We want a technology that fills a market need. Technologies that make it to market have strong, relevant patent protection, and are a solution to a practical, real problem." – Chris Sevrain, CEO of CJPS Enterprises. To download a copy of the talks, please visit Technology and Inventors Expo web site.

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