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Tech Transfer

2006 News Stories (and older)

12.21.2005___________________________________________________________________ Genzyme acquires gene therapy technology invented at Berkeley Lab. Read more here.

07.19.2005 _________________________________________________________________ Symyx, a start up company using Berkeley Lab combinatorial chemistry technology licensed by the Technology Transfer Department and developed by Peter Schultz and colleagues in the Materials Sciences Division, will be honored with Frost & Sullivan’s 2005 Technology Leadership Award at their Excellence in Emerging Technologies Awards Banquet for developing enabling technologies and methods to aid better, faster and more efficient R&D. Read more here.

07.11.2005 _________________________________________________________________ Nanosys, Inc., a Berkeley Lab startup, is among the solar nanotech companies investors along Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park hope that thinking small will translate into big profits. Read more here.

07.07.2005 _______________________________________________________________ Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have garnered three R&D 100 Awards, R&D Magazine's picks for the 100 most technologically significant new products of 2005. This is the first time since 1992 that Berkeley Lab has captured three of the prestigious awards in a single year, bringing the Lab's total of these "Oscars of Invention" to 37. Read more here.

06.09.2005 ________________________________________________________________ Fairchild Imaging licenses Berkeley Lab's CCD technology for near infrared imaging in the space and biotech industries. Read more here.

04.19.2005 ________________________________________________________________ RoseStreet Labs Announces License Agreement with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for Multi-Band Semiconductors and High Efficiency Solar Cells. Read more here.

02.08.2005 __________________________________________________________________ Japan's Takeda Pharmaceutical is buying Berkeley Lab start-up Syrrx, Inc. See the full story here

2005______________________________________________________________________ __ A Berkeley Lab solar cell technology was recognized as the best new technology presented in the UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition and won third prize overall. More here.

12.13.2004 ____________________________________________________________________ Red Herring has named Nanosys, Inc. and Nanomix, Inc., start-ups using Berkeley Lab technology, to their list of 100 most innovative companies (Dec. 13, 2004). See Red Herring's list here.

11.11.2004____________________________________________________________________ Ashok Gadgil's UV water purification technology wins Tech Museum Awards. See the full story here.

08.2004____________________________________________________________________ Nanosys Inc. is awarded U.S. Defense Department contract to develop flexible solar cells. The award has a potential value of approximately $14 million over a five year period. The initial 12 month Phase 1 of the program will include up to $2.2 million of funding to Nanosys and its collaborators (August 2004). See a press release here.

07.21.2004 ____________________________________________________________________ Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced its initial public offering and is expected to raise up to $35 million (June 21, 2004). See the full story here.

07.06.2004____________________________________________________________________ Synthetic Nanomotor and Transition Metal Switchable Mirror take home 2004 R&D 100 Awards. See the full story here .

05.26.2004 "Mimizing Casualites from a Chem/Bio Attack: Preparation, Training, and Response Resources" wins the 2004 FLC Awards. Go here for more information.  

03.24.2004 ____________________________________________________________________ Multiband semiconductor material for solar cells technology developed by Wladek Walukiewicz and Kin Man Yu won the Most Promising Technology Award at 2006 R&D 100 awards banquet. Read more here.

2004 ______________________________________________________________ ______ Quantum Dot, a start-up based on Berkeley Lab technology from the Alivisatos Lab, was named to FORTUNE's 2004 list of "Cool Companies." See a full story here (subscription needed).

10.15.2003 ___________________________________________________________________ Spray duct sealer designed to prevent wallet leakage, too (Oct. 15, 2003)

04.21.2003 ____________________________________________________________________ Nanosys Inc. plans to go public with an initial stock offering valued at up to $115 million, according to a regulatory filing. See the full story in Smalltimes here and San Francisco Chronicle here.

2003 _____________________________________________________________________ Berkeley Lab wins 2 more R & D 100 awards.  See more here.

03.29.2002 ____________________________________________________________________ Nanosys receives an $850,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to further develop and commercialize its nanosolar technology. See the full story here.

Berkeley Lab start-up Nanomix secures $16 million series C financing. More here.

Using a technology that was developed by Berkeley Lab's Ashok Gadgil of Environmental Energy Technologies, WaterHealth International is leading an effort to provide safe drinking water to the tsunami-affected regions of the Asia-Pacific. See full story here.

Science Magazine names Berkeley Lab's quantum dot technology as one of the Top 10 Breakthroughs of the Year and the Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report names work with LBNL's quantum dots as the top nanotech breakthrough of 2003.  More information from Quantum Dot Corporation.

Nanosys signed a multi-million dollar deal with In-Q-Tel, a private nonprofit group funded by the Central Intelligence Agency, for the development of national security systems. See the full story here.

A new clean-burning combustion technology called UltraClean LowSwirl Combustion (UCLSC), developed by Berkeley Lab researcher Robert Cheng, is entering the marketplace after years of research and development. See the full story here.

Nanomix, a leading nanotechnology company founded by Berkeley Lab researchers Marvin Cohen and Alex Zettl, and utilizing Berkeley Lab licensed technology, grants DuPont an exclusive license.  See more here.

Nanosys, a leading nanotechnology company, announced that it has signed exclusive licensing agreements for world-wide rights to a broad set of intellectual properties covering nanocomposite solar cells developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  More here.

Berkeley Lab's technologies featured in The Better World Report published by AUTM . Download a copy here.

A Parkinson's gene therapy co-invented by Krzysztof Bankiewicz while at Berkeley Lab and licensed by Berkeley Lab to Avigen shows early success in clinical trials. Read more here.

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