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Friday, December 22, 2006

Earthquake Preparedness Tips from Emergency Services:

If a catastrophic earthquake occurs, it is likely that we will need to be self-sufficient from 72 hours to 7-10 days.  To sustain ourselves, we need to be prepared. Below are some helpful emergency preparedness tips:

  • To help loved ones prepare, in this season of giving, give an emergency preparedness gift for home, car or at the office.  The American Red Cross offers emergency supplies which can be purchased from
  • Maintain sufficient fuel in your cars, since a catastrophic earthquake can render gas stations inoperable.
  • Review and update family emergency plans with family members.  Visit: for family emergency planning tips for a wide range of family situations, i.e. handicapped, elderly, infants.
  • For parents with school-aged children, when school reopens after the holidays, contact the child’s school to update parents’ emergency contact numbers.  Also, in the event of an emergency, if you are unable to pick up your child, provide your child’s school with an alternate trusted adult’s contact information who can pick up and care for your child.
  • Update your emergency contact phone trees at home and work.
  • Since ATMs are likely to be down, have sufficient cash available to make personal emergency purchases.
  • Since most injuries at home after an earthquake are cuts and scrapes due to broken glass, protect your feet by keeping sturdy shoes close by.


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