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Monday, December 20, 2004


Ergonomic Tips For Computer Users

Posture - sit all the way back in your ergo chair, keeping knees level with or lower than your hips; rest feet on the floor or foot rest.

Elbows - keep them in a slightly open triangle of ~110 o angle with your wrists straight.

Keep Things In Reach - center the most-used section of the keyboard directly in front of you to prevent overreaching or awkward hand/wrist positions.

Monitor - center it in front of you and at arm's length away; the screen should be viewable without having to turn or tilt your head (with or without glasses).

Typing - if inputting data from paper copies use a document holder.

Phone - avoid cradling handset between neck and shoulders; use a hands-free telephone headset.

Reduce Repetitive Motions - even the smallest movements when done hundreds of times a day can lead to repetitive stress.   Use short-cut keys or macros to reduce repetitive keystrokes and mouse clicks, take micro pauses, download stretch break software and/or vary your tasks.

Contact Jeffrey Chung at x7170 for further assistance or go to the Ergonomics website.



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