December 17, 1998

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Supernova Cosmology


Still images from the Supernova Cosmology Project website

Online movie clip


Remarks of U.S. Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson on the role of the Supernova Cosmology Project in Science magazine’s 1998 "Breakthrough of the Year":

"This brilliant example of quality research by Department of Energy-supported scientists represents an important advance in our understanding of the universe. It's impressive payback, in terms of advancing human knowledge and developing promising new technologies, for this country's investment in basic science research. Just as this work has told us we live in a limitless universe, the quest for answers to life's most fundamental and intriguing questions is similarly limitless. The DOE is proud to have been a leader in producing what the world's leading scientific journal has called the ‘breakthrough of the year.’"


Remarks of Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Director Charles V. Shank:

"We are proud of Berkeley Lab’s contributions to this dramatic accomplishment," said Berkeley Lab Director Charles V. Shank. "It was here that the techniques for measuring cosmic expansion were developed and proven. We are also pleased to have been the birthplace of the Keck Telescope in Hawaii, where much of the cosmology project’s work has been conducted. This achievement is yet another example of how painstaking, imaginative basic research can advance humankind’s knowledge of our universe, with the promise of impacts on our lives that we can only begin to imagine."