Ritchie Group Research Programs in Biomaterials


    Research programs in the Ritchie Group involving biomaterials may be divided into two main categories.  The first category involves the investigation into the mechanical behavior of naturally occurring structural biomaterials, e.g., mineralized tissues such as bone and teeth, while the second main area focuses on materials either used or proposed to be used in the human body, e.g., for implants, prosthesis, etc.  This research is interdisciplinary and involves collaborations with researchers at the University of California at both Berkeley and San Francisco, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and industry.  Below is a list of the various research programs in which the Ritchie Group has been involved.

Ritchie Group Programs in Biomaterials:

Fatigue and Fracture of Mineralized Biological Tissue
Fracture Properties of the Dentin/Enamel Junction
Heart Valves: Fatigue and Fracture of Pyrolytic Carbon
Fatigue and Fracture Behavior of Nitinol for Biomedical Applications
Constitutive Modeling of Nitinol for Biomedical Applications
Time-Dependent Cracking Behavior of Bioglass/Titanium Interfaces
Development and Mechanical Behavior of Bone Like Composites

Active Researchers:

R. K. Nalla
S. W. Robertson
J. Stankiewicz
A. Goel
R.  Neuendorf
K. Koester
J. J. Kruzic
R. O. Ritchie

Invited Talks:

Plenary talk at ASM Materials & Processes for Medical Devices Conference (Aug, 2004) on " Role of Fracture Mechanics in Life Prediction and Quality Control of Medical Implants"

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