Alexander Ziegler

University of California                                                                                                                                          2228-1/2 McKinley Ave.
Materials Science Division                                                                                                                                     Berkeley, CA 94703
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory                                                                                                                             Tel/Fax: 510-665-5920
1 Cyclotron Rd., MS 62-203
Berkeley, CA 94720                                                                                                                                   
Tel.: 510-486-5946                                                                                                                                    


Ph.D.                     Materials Science Department, University of California at Berkeley.
candidate              GPA 3.56/4.0
                              Thesis: "High-Temperature Fracture and Fatigue of Silicon Nitride Ceramics."
                              · Invented, developed and built prototypes of two novel optical measuring devices for high-temperature experiments; (patent to be filed);
                              · Programmed visual basic computer control for novel measuring device;
                              · Refined mathematical model describing complex high-temperature fracture mechanisms;
                              · Authored papers published in scientific journals.

M.S.                       May 1999, Materials Science Department, University of California at Berkeley.
                              · Presented research results at national and international conferences;
                              · Established scientific collaboration with research institute in Germany;
                              · Assisted in teaching undergraduate Introduction to Materials Science class.

Diplom Ing.          May 1996, Materials Science Department, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany.
                              · Co-authored paper published in scientific journal;

Internships           · Hoechst AG, Germany, 1990, and Hoechst-Celanese Corp., USA, 1992
                                     Project: Laser-optical storage devices.
                                        Investigated polymer-based thin films for laser-optical storage devices; research and developmental work was done in regard of filing
                                           for patent.
                              · VAK-Siemens AG, Germany, 1994
                                     Project: Inductive coupling devices.
                                        Developed inductive coupling devices for computer, low current and underwater applications using thin magnetic films; designed and
                                           built prototypes for presentation at international exposition CeBit '95.

Born in Lima, Peru, I lived 15 years in Lima growing up bilingual (German and Spanish). After that my family moved to Germany where I graduated from Tech Univ. Darmstadt with the Diplom Ing. degree.

Languages Fluent in German, Spanish and English; proficient in French and Italian.


Scientific              · MTS servo-hydraulic mechanical testing machines;
experimental        · Electron microscopy, SEM (JEOL, JSM-6300), TEM (Philips, CM200/FEG);
                             · XRD, EDS, Lasers.

Analysis                · Computational and analytical solution of boundary value problems and differential equations;
& Computer         · Proficient in Windows environment;
                             · MathCAD and LabView analysis programs, Epix CCD video processing and "C"-Library access experience;
                             · Microsoft Excel/Word/Power Point, Corel Draw, Grapher, Adobe Photoshop.
Personal               · History of working in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments;
                             · Strong communication and teaching skills; experience in presenting complex concepts;
                             · Comfortable public speaker.

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