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For Immediate Release
September 13, 2007

‘Science at the Theatre,’ Part 2: Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

The second community lecture series devoted to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s quests to find sustainable carbon-free energy and more efficient energy practices will be held this fall at Berkeley Repertory Theatre. The Helios Talks, begun last spring as part of a new “Science at the Theatre” program, resume on Monday, Sept. 17 at 5:30 p.m. with Rick Diamond, Berkeley Lab’s Building Energy Group deputy in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division.

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Diamond will speak on “A Low-Energy House in Berkeley, Kabul, and Washington, D.C.,” first of the series’ three talks devoted to reducing the world’s carbon footprint. He will be followed by Bill Collins, head of the Lab’s new Climate Science Department, speaking on Oct. 22 on “Frontiers in Climate Forecasting,” and Chris Somerville, designated head of the new Energy Biosciences Institute, on Nov. 12 on “Coverting Plants to Fuel.”

The talks, sponsored by Berkeley Lab’s Friends of Science, are all free and open to the public. The theatre is located at 2025 Addison St. in Berkeley.

Diamond is a senior advisor to the California Institute for Energy and Environment. He and his colleagues study ways in which building occupant behaviors and building environments are maximized for energy performance. Research has looked at duct system efficiency, user behavior, and infiltration and ventilation systems.

His talk will focus on assessment and improvement of building performance in California, with special attention to carbon emissions. Diamond will illustrate geographic differences by sharing stories of three buildings – one in Berkeley, a second in Kabul, Afghanistan, and a third (the Capitol) in Washington, D.C.

Co-sponsors of the series include the University of California-Berkeley, Chabot Space and Science Center, The Exploratorium, and the science departments at Berkeley, Oakland and Albany High Schools. For more information, contact the Berkeley Lab Community Relations Office at 510-486-7292.

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