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July 7, 2008

Faces at the Lab: Elita Helps Promote Cyber Security at the Lab

Stone with Elita during some guide dog training at Disneyland

Cyber security, while vitally important, isn’t the most glamorous of subjects, so it can be difficult to get people’s attention when trying to raise awareness of potential risks.

But put a cute dog on a poster about computer protection, and more people take notice. That’s what IT’s Adam Stone did, and he found his model right at home — Elita, his four-year-old Labrador Retriever.

Elita (aka Cyber Dog) is featured on a series of posters that have been taped up in elevators and hallways around the Lab, eliciting ooo’s and aaaaw’s from passersby while imparting important information about physical security, viruses, social engineering and other topics.

“I think the posters try to get serious messages across without being too silly, but they still need to catch your eye,” explains Stone. “I'd like to think that the images actually help to reinforce the concepts in each poster.”

Helping others seems to be instinctual for Elita. Before embarking (pun intended) on a modeling career, she was a student at the Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael. Stone was her “puppy raiser” while she was in school. Unfortunately, Elita wasn’t quite up to snuff, but her desire to serve was undaunted. She is now helping people “see” the importance of computer protection.

When she’s not modeling for posters, Elita can often be found “counter surfing,” as Stone calls it. “She is a consummate omnivore and dangerous food thief; she can open jars and cabinets and reach almost every surface in the house.” Go here to watch a YouTube video of Elita’s counter surfing.

More information on cyber security and computer protection can be found here.

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