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Does Your Home Have 'Defensible Space' Around It?

[6/16/08] With summer upon us, temperatures rising and outdoor barbequing increasing, it is important to make sure our homes are safe from fires.  One fire prevention tip is to remove overgrown, dry or dead plants from around your home and fence line that can ignite and create substantial property loss.  More tips>

New Job Hazard Analysis Delayed Due to Technical Difficulties

[6/12/08] The implementation of the Job Hazards Analysis (JHA) system has encountered unexpected difficulties and has been delayed. Until the system is operational (expected by early next week), all employees should continue to obtain training as previously outlined in their Job Hazards Questionnaire, to work safely, and obtain On-the-Job Training from their Supervisor/Work Lead. Members of a JHA Work Group, can have their Work Group Owner print out the Hazards Profile for use as an interim JHA. Division Safety Coordinator will inform their constituents when the system is ready. Send questions here.

Ergo Self-Assessment Training Updated

[4/30/08] The Remedy Interactive web-based training for computer users was rolled out on March 17, and to date over 500 employees have completed the training. To avoid employee-training deficiencies in the JHQ for EHS 59 (Ergo Self-Assessment & Training), this course has been reclassified as “recommended” instead of “required” in the training database. Effective July 1, the class will be required for all staff that answer “yes” to the question “Do you use a computer for four or more hours per day?” Employees will have three months (until Sept. 30) to satisfy this requirement. Employees who’ve previously completed EHS 59 will only be required to take the annual refresher EHS 58 (Ergo Self-Assessment). Go here to access EHS 59 (click the "Start Training button). Call x2228 for more information.

New Emergency Response Guides Being Delivered

[4/11/08] Employees should be aware that updated Emergency Response Guides (ERG) will begin showing up in lab mail boxes. Staff should discard their old ERGs and replace them with the new 2008-2010 version. The ERGs should be placed  in public areas like bulletin boards, labs, hallways, lobby areas or in individual office areas. Unused copies of the new ERG should be sent to MS 48-0120.  For more information, send e-mail here, or call x7032.

Informational Slide Show on Minimizing Security Incidents Now Available

[3/27/08] The Lab's Security and Emergency Operations Group, as part of its ongoing security awareness program, has developed the “Security & You” informational slide program, which will address various topical areas of concern or interest to the Lab community.

This program is provided to employees in an effort to minimize the potential for a security incident. Each slide provides a brief description of a particular program feature and a contact phone number for questions or additional information.

Slides are currently available for the following topics:

  • Unclassified foreign visits and assignments
  • Visas and immigration documentation
  • Export control
  • Counterintelligence
  • Site Access

Future topics may include reporting protocols for general theft, laptop theft, DOE/IG fraud, waste and abuse, as well as emergency and incident reporting. Slides are available here with a link to “Security.”

Staff are encouraged to download slides for their own reference or to share at group meetings. Contact the Security Office at x7572 for more information, or to suggest future slide topics.

Tips For Making Office Moves Safe

[03/27/08] If there is one constant here at the Lab, it is the likelihood that employees will move their office once or more during their tenure here. The EHS Division provides tips to make your move as safe as possible, and reminds employees that moving offers the opportunity to remove old files to archives, and recycle all paper, diskettes, and transparencies. Employees, as well as their supervisors and work leads, are reminded to keep an eye out for and prevent unsafe and risky practices before, during and after the move. Full story.

Get Safety, Computer Glasses at Health Services

[3/5/08] Free glasses for eye protection or assistance with computer viewing are available to all Lab employees through a Health Services optometrist, who is on site every Wednesday. Eyestrain and related headaches are more common among computer users than more widely known problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Eyeglasses tuned for monitor use are an effective way to address these issues. Eye exams are performed Wednesdays by Dr. Bryan Doherty by appointment only. Bring in your eyeglass prescription. If an eye exam is needed, the cost is $40, a portion of which may be reimbursable under the Vision Service Plan (VSP). Call Health Services at x6266.

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