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Send comments, media inquiries, or submissions to Today at Berkeley Lab to:

Communications Staff

Acting Communications Department Head
Lynn Yarris, 510-486-5375,

Science Writing and Media Coordination
Lynn Yarris, senior writer and media coordinator, 510-486-5375,
Paul Preuss, science writer, 510-486-6249,
Dan Krotz, science writer, 510-486-4019,

Web Editor — Today at Berkeley Lab, News Center
Lyn Hunter, editor, 510-486-4698,

Science Publications
Pam Patterson, managing editor, 510-486-4045,
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Multicore: Fallout From a Computing Evolution
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Audio file: The Future of the Earth’s Climate: Frontiers in Forecasting
Leading climate modeler Bill Collins discusses how improvements in climate forecasts will require better observations and understanding of the carbon and hydrological cycles.
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