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Explore the World of Science at Berkeley Lab

From the icy South Pole, the tundra of Alaska, and sub-zero Siberia, to the Amazon rain forest, tropical Samoa, and the coral reefs of Puerto Rico, Berkeley Lab scientists explore the world around us seeking solutions to humankind's most pressing challenges.

And the exploration continues in the lab, as researchers investigate ways to create new materials and biofuels, make our buildings more energy efficient, model climate change, or stem human diseases.

Families, community members, and science enthusiasts are invited to join our team of explorers at Berkeley Lab's Open House and make discoveries of their own.

Guests can…

  • Visit science exhibits and talk to scientists about their research
  • Take tours of science facilities
  • Listen to science lectures
  • Have fun with hands-on activities in the Family Adventure Zone
  • Purchase food and beverages and relax in a dining tent 

Help Make Open House Environmentally Friendly

  • Bring your own water bottle and fill up at stations around the event site
  • Bring your own bag to put materials in
  • Use the composting and recycling bins located around the site
  • Scan a QR code at the shuttle bus loading zone to download a mobile version of the program