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Frequently Asked Questions


Cars will not be allowed onsite. Visitors can only access the Lab via a shuttle bus that departs from UC Berkeley's West Gate, located near the Downtown Berkeley BART station. Visitors must register in advance for the event and bring a printout of their registration to board the shuttle bus. Shuttles will depart from the West Gate starting at 9:45 a.m. and continue every 10-15 minutes until 2 p.m.

Go here for more on downtown Berkeley parking garages, and here for UC Berkeley campus parking garages (best options are Bancroft/Fulton Lot, University Hall structure, or Genetics structure).


Employees who drive to the event must present their Lab parking pass and printout of their registration to security gate personnel. ENTER ONLY THROUGH STRAWBERRY OR GRIZZLY GATES AFTER 9 A.M. Blackberry Gate will be closed to employees on the day of the event. The area around the Bevatron event site will be blocked off. Go here to view an access and parking map. Announcements will also be posted in Today at Berkeley Lab.