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Safety Personnel

MSD EH&S Manager Martin Neitzel 66-242 ext. 6169[email protected]
EH&S Associate Paul Johnson 66-240 ext. 5810 [email protected]
Lab Safety Advisory Committee Rep Weilun Chao2-415ext. 4447[email protected]
Laser Safety Subcommittee Rep Joel Ager2-211ext. 6715[email protected]
Radiation Safety Committee Rep Federico Moretti55-150ext. 4265[email protected]

Building Managers

Buildings 2, 33, 62, & 66Gil Torres62-104A ext. 5395[email protected]

EHS Liasons

EH&S Liaison to MSDKurt Ettinger26-0008ext. 2016[email protected]
EH&S Health and Safety RepresentativeAlyssa Brand26-0024Cext. 7246[email protected]
Laser SafetyGreta Toncheva75-102Dext. 2544[email protected]