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MSD Safety Committee

Division Safety Committee                                                                                Past Meeting Notes >>

Division Members
Chair Martin Neitzel [email protected]
Lab Safety Committee Rep Robert Kaindl [email protected]
EH&S Specialist Paul Johnson [email protected]
Bldg. Manager for 2, 33, 62 & 66 Gil Torres [email protected]
ESH Liasons
EH&S Liason to MSD Kurt Ettinger [email protected]
EH&S Health and Safety Representative Alyssa Brand [email protected]
Waste Gen. Asst. Liason Mabel Fong [email protected]
Radiation Safety Bob Fairchild [email protected]
EH&S Health & Safety Rep Kurt Ettinger [email protected]
DOE Site Officer Mary Gross [email protected]
Research Group Representatives
Ager Clarissa Towle [email protected]
Alivisatos (Chem hygiene/student) Joseph Swabeck [email protected]
Alivisatos (Laser office student) Matthew Koc [email protected]
Bourret-Courchesne Diedier Perrodin [email protected]
Ceder Haegyum Kim [email protected]
CXRO Markus Benk [email protected]
Dubon Anthony Salazar [email protected]
Fadley Cheng-Tai Kuo [email protected]
Fischer, P Robert Streubel [email protected]
Javey Aiden Kim [email protected]
Kaindl Khalid Siddiqui [email protected]
Lanzara Conrad Stansbury [email protected]
Long Stephanie Didas [email protected]
Orenstein Dylan Rees [email protected]
Ritchie Jon Ell [email protected]
Ritchie Keli Thurston [email protected]
Russell Yufeng Jiang [email protected]
Salmeron Heath Kersell [email protected]
Somorjai (see Salmeron Group)
Yaghi Xiaokun Pei [email protected]
Zhang Renjie Tao [email protected]
Zheng Seungyong Lee [email protected]
MSD Administrative Office Arica Chhay [email protected]
MSD Mat Fab Facility James Wu [email protected]