Materials Fabrication Facility

(Bldg 62-Rm 100/142)

Provides the following complete services:

  1. Vacuum electric arc melting of pure metal and alloys
  2. Specification and controlled atmospheres with subsequent thermo-mechanical processing of cast materials
  3. Powder metallurgy facility for micron-size powder grinding, classification, cold and hot isostatic pressing
  4. Sintering of green powder compact by high temp high vacuum heating in vacuum or inert gas
  5. Advanced materials processing on bulk samples
  6. Heat-treating services under vacuum, inert gas, hydrogen, or in quartz
  7. Processing of PLD target, sputtering target, and evaporation sources

In order to use the Facility, please submit a Fabrication Services Request form

For questions contact Didier Perrodin at 510-495-2596 or