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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We are committed to supporting the MSD Community in the workplace by creating a welcoming environment where everyone is valued and respected.


  • Tools - Provide tools, such as DEI Minutes, to promote DEI discussion and awareness
  • Engagement - Implement active measures to promote increased diversity in MSD through engagement with PI’s, postdocs, graduate student researchers and staff
  • Outreach - Work to expand the STEM pipeline through partnership with UCB organizations to provide mentorship and research opportunities
  • Assessment - Use surveys and statistics to recommend policies and strategies to promote diversity and inclusion in MSD and at the Lab

The Executive Committee achieves these objectives through the following activities:

  • Organizing Quarterly Meetings with MSD Lab Representatives to foster conversations around DEI and to raise awareness of DEI tools and activities
    • Examples of recent meeting topics: Influencing, Microagressions, Upstanding, Difficult Conversations
  • Holding monthly meetings to discuss DEI topics related to the Division and Lab and to formulate recommended actions to MSD regarding policies and activities
  • Coordinating with Lab and other Division DEI Committees to communicate Best Practices and to share tools and resources


Teresa Calarco, Chair
Debbie Tan
Stephanie Didas
Sinead Griffin
Paul Johnson
Ryan Miyakawa
Archana Raja
Anthony Salazar anthonysalazar
Mark Asta*
Peter Fischer*

* Ad hoc LBNL DEI Committee Member

Interested in Attending Our Quarterly Meetings?

Contact Teresa Calarco: or Steph Didas: for more information.

Interested in Joining MSD's Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee?

Contact Teresa Calarco at for more information