Michael C. Martin

Dr. Michael C. Martin
Senior Scientist
Photon Science Operations Group Leader
Advanced Light Source

Telephone:  510-495-2231

Administrator:Andrea Taylor
or ALS-Admin@lbl.gov

Advanced Light Source Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road, Bldg 6R2100
Berkeley, CA 94720-8226

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My research has centered around the ALS Infrared Beamlines. Together with many collaborators, we perform a wide variety of research using this facility. Topics include Condensed Matter Physics, Cellular Biology, Environmental Science, Bioremediation, Forensic Studies, Chemistry, and Materials Science. My earlier research topics included fullerene materials, high-temperature superconductors, giant magnetoresistance oxides, and spin-Peierls compounds.

I have recently been working to push synchrotron IR spectroscopy beyond its traditional limits. First, I have been developping a new method to combine rapid full-field IR imaging with tomographic reconstruction to yeild full 3D FTIR images in Full Color. Second, my group has been pushing way beyond the diffraction-limit by scattering the synchrotron IR light off an AFM tip resulting in 20 nm resolution with full mid-IR spectral coverage. This revolutionary Synchrotrin Infrared Nano Spectrosopy (SINS) is allowing us to probe materials and biological systems at unprecidented spatial resolution nearly 1000 times better than the state of the art before. We've used it to study Phonon Polaritons in 2D Materials, Plasmons in Single Nanocrystals, and Nanoscale Catalysis.

I have previously worked to develop an exciting new high-power terahertz source using coherent synchrotron radiation. We proposed a new facility employing this revolutionary THz source called CIRCE. Related to developing CIRCE, I am helping to lead a new Terahertz Science and Technology Network.


I am an author of over 150 research articles (see my Citation Profile from Google Scholar, or my Publons profile) and one physics text book, now out in its Second Edition (2009), Solid State Physics: Problems and Solutions by László Mihály and Michael C. Martin.


2018 - presentALS Photon Science Operations Group Leader
2016 - presentSenior Scientist/Physicist
2013 - presentU.S. Editor
Synchrotron Radiation News
2010 - presentDeputy Director, BSISB
2007 - 2018Deputy Group Leader, SSG
September 2002 - 2016Staff Scientist/Physicist
October 1998 - August 2002Scientist/Physicist
Advanced Light Source Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
June 1996 - September 1998  Postdoctoral Researcher
U.C. Berkeley Physics Department and
Advanced Light Source, LBNL
May 1995 - June 1996Postdoctoral Physicist
Neutron Scattering Group
Physics Department
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Ph.D. in Physics, May 1995
M.A. in Physics, May 1992
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Department of Physics
Thesis Advisor: Prof. László Mihály
Ph.D. Thesis: IR Studies of C60 and AxC60.
B.S. in Physics, June 1990
Cum Laude
University of California at San Diego

Other Activities

I created (but no longer work on) the award-winning travlang travel and language web pages. I also wrote and maintain all the IR beamline, CIRCE, THz Network, SSG, and SIRUP web pages.

I enjoy skiing, volleyball, travel, and I am the proud father of twin daughters, Megan and Hannah, born April 1999.

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