Berkeley Lab's coed ultimate frisbee team, Seaborgium, finished with the third best record at Hewlett Packard's corporate league tournament. The team beat teams from Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, and Chevron Oil before losing to the eventual tournament champion, a club team from Sonoma. Glenn Seaborg, Berkeley Lab's associate director-at-large, joined members of the team for a group photo. Pictured left to right, are: back row--Fred Bauman, Dariush Arasteh, Bart Davis, Glenn Seaborg, Erik Page, Terry Ligocki; front row--Jeff King, Deb Hopkins, Angela Merrill, CeeCee Fairley, Bill Golove, and Joe Eto. Berkeley Lab participants not pictured include Phil Price, Tim Culler and Steph Robertson. For information about participating in the frisbee team, contact Joe Eto by e-mail at (XBD9706-02634)