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September 23, 2005
Welcome to the Press Room

Here's some news that's addressed to science reporters; in fact it's for all our readers:

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has a new one-stop resource for media professionals: This online press room features contact information, press releases and other science news publications, facts about Berkeley Lab, media advisories, links to images and videos, and other useful information. A biography of Berkeley Lab Director Steve Chu and a brief overview of the Lab's scientific portfolio are also available. Bookmark this site and check back often; it will be updated frequently with the latest Berkeley Lab news.

The two main ways the Lab's Communications Department uses the web to inform the public about research here are press releases, geared to the publication of research in leading scientific journals or to events with immediate news relevance, and Science@Berkeley Lab itself, which tends to emphasize the long haul — instruments and techniques, the history behind the research — making advances in knowledge possible.

When we have a new press release or a new issue of Science@Berkeley Lab, we send word to our news list subscribers, of which you are likely one. It's a self-subscribed list, and addresses can be added, removed, or changed at We never add anyone to the list or remove anyone unless we're asked by that individual.

But there are many other sources of information on our web site, which we don't announce in emails and which may take a bit of searching (even if only a few clicks) to find. With our new Press Room we hope to collect all these in one place. If you have comments or questions about the Press Room, just drop us an email.

Paul Preuss, Editor, Science@Berkeley Lab