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June 22, 2007
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Thanks for Writing

In April, shortly before we posted the previous issue of Science@Berkeley Lab, we sent our subscribers a few questions by email. This wasn't just one of those click-the-radio-button surveys; it required some thought and effort. Yet almost 300 of you quickly replied. The response was a delight and — even when you were telling us what you didn't like or thought we could do better — a positive help. We're grateful to you for taking the time and trouble to write.

Virtually everyone who answered told us they read at least one or two stories in every issue, and more than half of you read more than that. That's a testament to your real interest in science, born out by the breadth of subject matter you're interested in. The energy sciences, from biofuels to green buildings, are an almost universal favorite; astrophysics, cancer and health, nanotechnology, climate science, and many other topics intrigue you equally. And a lot of you reported, "I read everything."

Although it can present a dilemma when some people want longer articles and just as many want shorter ones (luckily most of you are okay with the present length), we received many helpful suggestions. They include full-length printable pdfs of all articles, not only the selected edited versions we now supply under S@BL Selects, and more high-res, downloadable images, more podcasts, and so on. We'll be following up on the requests we can handle. Given time and budget, some are easy and some aren't, but we'll do our best.

As a start, for those of you who like streaming video, check out the "Gulliver" bioimaging site accessible from the cover page. You may also be interested in a segment of a recent episode of the Bay Area science series, KQED QUEST, titled "Nanotechnology Takes Off," now available on YouTube.

In the meantime, if you want to follow up on the survey or ask about our hopes for the future, or have questions and comments about any of the stories in this issue of Science@Berkeley Lab, let us know by dropping us an email.

Paul Preuss, Editor, Science@Berkeley Lab