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July 14, 2004
Fighting HIV With HIV

Synthetic biology researchers hope to stop HIV infections from developing into AIDS by creating a genetically modified virus that interferes with the actions of real HIV, while multiplying in competition with it. The parasite HIV is yet to be synthesized but has performed well in computer simulations.
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Odd but true: it's smoggier on weekends, and in California the weekend effect is spreading from the cities of the coast into the Central Valley.
Just because there are more attoseconds in a minute than minutes in the history of the universe can't stop scientists from thinking up ways to slice light into pulses a billionth of a billionth of a second long.
There's more than one kind of carbon in the air, and researchers are learning how each impacts climate change in its own way.
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Life as we Know it

Over two and a half billion years ago, cyanobacteria stumbled upon a way to break water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen. The manganese complex at the heart of the process made life as we know it possible. Now scientists are learning its secrets.
When Mold Runs Amok

Eeewww, mold . . . Disgusting stuff, and no wonder insurance claims are on the rise. A new report from the National Academy of Sciences, Damp Indoor Spaces and Health, presents strong evidence linking mold and damp conditions to some health effects. But the picture isn't simple, and mysteries remain.