June 4, 2002

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  Extreme ultraviolet lithography accelerates the future


The era of nanoscale computer chips is almost upon us. Recent advances employ the "at-wavelength" extreme-ultraviolet interferometer at the Advanced Light Source, arguably the most accurate wavefront measuring device in the world, now converted to print test wafers from advanced optics.

New magnet speeds DNA sequencing

(image: UCLA Physics)

A powerful new magnetic plate combines a permanent magnet with ferromagnetic materials to select DNA samples much faster than standard magnetic microtiter plates. It promises advances in gene sequencing, functional genomics, and the study of proteins.

Candy-cane-striped nanogadgets

Nanowires composed of two different semiconductors that could function as transistors, light-emitting diodes, biochemical sensors, thermoelectric heat pumps -- or all of the above on the same length of wire -- may hasten the arrival of silicon chips packed with billions of electronic devices.


A rare mutation found in a small Italian village offers hope for protection against
heart disease


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