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May 28, 2004
Another Path to
Fusion Power

Because global oil production could peak within the decade, we need to find alternative energy sources soon. One of the most attractive is fusion, dynamo of the stars. On Earth, controlled fusion could provide safe, clean, and virtually inexhaustible energy. Scientists are studying more than one path to fusion power.
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How the scientific community gradually came to accept the crucial role played by black carbon in the atmosphere.
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Tiny Tinny Bubbles

Remarkably uniform and versatile, and only a few billionths of a meter in diameter, hollow metal nanospheres have potential applications ranging from drug delivery to nanoelectronics to nanoscale catalysts, confined like the yolks inside eggs. How hollow nanocrystals manage to virtually mass-produce themselves involves a surprising property of solids known as the Kirkendall effect.
Tracking Parkinson's with PET

Researchers have learned how to use positron emission tomography, better known as the PET scan, to pinpoint the dopamine-producing regions of the healthy brain. They plan to use the same technique to track the effectiveness of a new gene therapy that could help people with severe Parkinson's disease.