May 12, 2003
Berkeley Lab Science Beat
Berkeley Lab Science Beat
Berkeley Lab Science Beat

  Secrets of the core

Why does Earth's magnetic field repeatedly collapse and reverse? What do field reversals have to do with asteroid impacts, mass extinctions, and colossal floods of lava? Hollywood gets all the wrong answers but has the right idea: the secret is in the core.

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The incredible shrinking science: Focusing on new discoveries at the atomic scale

A new kind of nanotube
Using a few clever tricks and a versatile semiconductor, scientists create gallium nitride nanotubes.

A buckyball surprise
With a surprisingly narrow bandgap, it's no wonder that electron-doped buckyballs are excellent superconductors.

Buckyballs on the inside
One of the latest advances in nanoscale electronics is wrapping buckyball nanowires with boron nitride insulation.

Atomic break dancing
It takes three to tango -- three vacancies, that is -- when hydrogen molecules break down on the surface of a palladium catalyst.



Energy efficiency in China: new standards and labeling are just part of the China Energy Group's plan to help the largest nation in the world operate more cleanly and efficiently.

Meanwhile back at the hotel, researchers are working to save energy in bathroom lighting.

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