April 22, 2002

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  case closed: missing neutrinos found

Thermonuclear reactions at the center of the sun should produce up to three times as many neutrinos as neutrino hunters on Earth have been able to account for. But the latest results from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) prove that because they "change their stripes" on their way from the sun to the Earth, many neutrinos have been able to hide from detectors — until SNO caught them in the act.

secrets of weak-field NMR

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is often limited to samples that can be placed inside a big, expensive, high-field magnet. Now scientists have found a way to acquire chemical information with magnetic fields a million times weaker. The secret is to use a SQUID, the most sensitive magnetic field detector ever devised — plus a few other tricks..

inside Yucca Mountain

On the surface, Yucca Mountain is bone dry. But determining whether the mountain is a good place to store radioactive waste means finding out if and when waste could ever reach the water table, hundreds of meters underground. Geologists are collecting data from maps, deep boreholes, and tunnels to understand how moisture moves through the mountain's layers of rock.

Faster computers and better astronomical data will soon make it possible to fully model supernova explosions in 3D.

Chemists have created a stripped-down analog of a complex natural compound used in biocatalytic reactions. The result could be less expensive pharmaceutical production.

A jargon-free website offers up-to-the-minute scientific advice on how to respond to chemical or biological attacks against a building and its occupants.

Solar cells that combine nanotechnology with plastic electronics could be cheaper than their semiconductor counterparts and come in plastic's infinite variety of shapes.

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