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October 27, 2003
A Special Issue: Energy Sciences and Physics Out of This World
The Shapes of Exploding Stars

To a telescope, even an exploding supernova is a point-source of light. But if that light is polarized it speaks volumes. A three-part article looks at how supernova studies at Berkeley Lab benefit from spectropolarimetry, a tool for studying the shapes of exploding stars.
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Beginning a three-part series on designing and operating commercial buildings for high performance in energy efficiency and comfort.

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Up Close in the Far Infrared

When NASA needed a sensitive detector of far-infrared radiation for SIRTF, the last of the space-borne Great Observatories, they went to Berkeley Lab's Materials Sciences Division. What they were asking for had never been done before, but the result is now in orbit around the sun.
The Martian Chronicles

Is there life on Mars? Was there ever? Clues could lurk underground, near the ice caps, or almost anywhere else on the red planet. To narrow the search, Berkeley Lab scientists are asking if, when, and where the essential conditions for life could have existed on Mars.