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October 4, 2004
What Lies Beneath

Future electronic devices will depend upon materials built up from multiple layers, each only a few billionths of a meter thick. To study the chemical and magnetic properties of these hidden nanolayers, scientists have devised an ingenious technique known as soft x-ray standing-wave spectroscopy.
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Hotter summers, more heat-related deaths, and water and energy shortages are on the way unless Californians change their habits.
But just how good are climate predictions? Putting leading computer models to the test.
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A Mighty Wind

At a rocket factory deep in the Ural Mountains, Russian scientists are working on their newest prototypes: not secret weapons but compact wind turbines that could bring electricity to the nomads of Mongolia. It's another success story in DOE's program of Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention.
Greening the Supercomputer

Three billion years ago nature solved the problem of extracting energy from the sun by evolving wonderfully clean and efficient photosynthesis. Now a million hours of computer time, courtesy of DOE's INCITE program, may help scientists gain a better understanding of how photosynthesis works at the molecular and electronic levels.