Guide to Using the ES&H Manual (PUB-3000)

Updated 09/16

About ES&H Manual (PUB-3000) Chapters

The basic unit of the on-line PUB-3000 is the chapter (see, e.g., Chapter 13 on Gases). Because a chapter, as it appears in the ES&H Manual (PUB-3000) website, does not necessarily correspond to a chapter's pagination in the printed PUB-3000, you will not see page numbers and footers that correspond to those in the published version. The revision date for each chapter appears below the chapter title at the beginning of each chapter.

Official Versus Printed Copies of the ES&H Manual (PUB-3000) Website

The official or current version is located on the ES&H Manual (PUB-3000) website. Printed versions are not official. Users are responsible for working with the latest approved version of the PUB-3000.

Printing an ES&H Manual (PUB-3000) Chapter in Browser Format.

To print an entire PUB-3000 chapter from your Web browser, do not specify a page range in the print dialog box.

To print specific sections of a PUB-3000 chapter:

  1. Select the text you want to print by highlighting it.
  2. Press Control+C or Command+C to copy the selection.
  3. Open a new word processing document, such as Microsoft Word.
  4. Press Control+V or Command+V to paste the selection into the document.
  5. Print the document.

Searching the Web Version of PUB-3000

At the bottom of this page and on the PUB-3000 title page, click on the Search PUB-3000 link to search the Web version of PUB-3000 for specific search terms such as "chemical hygiene" or "fall protection."

Changes to the Web Version of PUB-3000

The web version of PUB-3000 is updated frequently. The date of the last revision appears beneath the chapter title at the beginning of each chapter. The following flags are used to show where the latest change can be located within the document:

Denotes a rewritten or new chapter.
Denotes the beginning of changed text within a chapter

Denotes the end of changed text within a chapter

A record of all changes made to PUB-3000 during the calendar year is recorded in the log of PUB-3000 Changes.

For questions about the PUB-3000, contact the Environment/Health/Safety PUB-3000 Manager:

Heather Madison
Berkeley Lab
(510) 486-7609 


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