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Chapter 8: Electrical Safety

Program: Electrical Safety
NEW: 07/10
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Who needs to know about these requirements?

Electrical safety may affect any employee. Everyone uses electrical equipment. Information in this chapter can help employees to use, connect, and maintain electrical devices in a safe manner.

There are specific requirements of the Electrical Safety Program that additionally apply to:

Whenever they are:

Reading this chapter does not qualify the reader to perform electrical work.

For more information on specific roles and responsibilities, see Section 8.9 (Roles and Responsibilities).


Inadequate electrical safety may lead to:

What you need to do before performing work:

  1. Define work/protocols.
  2. Any activity within 42 inches of an uninsulated hazardous energized conductor is defined as energized electrical work. Energized electrical work and exposures are authorized through an Energized Electrical Work Permit (EEWP) unless the work involves testing, troubleshooting, or lockout/tagout verification. An Activity Hazard Document (AHD) or equivalent may be developed for such work where there is a hazardous electrical exposure.

  3. Analyze hazards.
  4. A series of Electrical Safety Considerations govern worker safety and practice on the job. For information on these considerations, see Section 8.13 (Electrical Safety Considerations).

  5. Develop controls.

Where to find out more:

Whom to contact for help: