Chapter 45



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45.1 Policy

45.2 Scope

45.3 Applicability

45.4 Exceptions

45.5 Roles and Responsibilities

45.6 Definitions

45.7 Required Work Processes

Work Process A. General Requirements

Work Process B. Chemical and Equipment Procurement

Work Process C. Transporting Hazardous Materials

Work Process D. Berkeley Lab Chemical Management System (Chemical Inventory)

Work Process E. Chemical Hazard Evaluation: Identification, Classification, and Categorization

Work Process F. Use and Application of Chemical Hazard Assessments

Work Process G. General Controls for Hazardous Chemicals

Work Process H. Selection and Use of Engineering Controls

Work Process I. Personal Protective Equipment

Work Process J. Work Practice Controls

Work Process K. Chemical Storage

Work Process L. Specific Controls and Procedures — Acids and Bases

Work Process M. Specific Controls and Procedures — Particularly Hazardous Substances: Carcinogens, Reproductive Toxins, and Acute Toxins

Work Process N. Specific Controls and Procedures — Flammables and Combustible Liquids

Work Process O. Specific Controls and Procedures — Laser Dyes and Solvents

Work Process P. Specific Controls and Procedures — Peroxide-Forming Compounds

Work Process P.1. Specific Controls and Procedures — Additional Time-Sensitive Chemicals

Work Process Q. Specific Controls and Procedures — Water-Reactive Chemicals

Work Process R. Specific Controls and Procedures — Pyrophoric Materials

Work Process R.1. Specific Controls and Procedures — Chemical Synthesis

Work Process S. Specific Controls and Procedures — Engineered Nanomaterials

Work Process T. Specific Controls and Procedures — Chemicals with Explosive Properties

Work Process U. Decommissioning or Transferring Equipment, Buildings, Laboratories, and Shop Spaces

Work Process V. Emergency Procedures and Equipment

Work Process W. Training

Work Process X. Safety Data Sheets

Work Process Y. Container Labeling

Work Process Z. Hazard Communication Requirements for Chemicals Produced in LBNL Laboratories

Work Process AA. Posting Area Entrances

Work Process BB. Designated Areas

Work Process CC. Exposure Assessments, Monitoring, and Medical Consultation

45.8 Source Requirements

45.9 Reference Documents

45.10 Appendices

Appendix A. Regulations

Appendix B. Chemical Toxicology Overview

Appendix C. Carcinogens

Appendix D. Reproductive Toxins

Appendix E. Odor Threshold Table for Chemicals







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