Quick Start Guide
Chapter 18: Lockout/Tagout and Verification

Program: Lockout/Tagout and Verification
NEW: 07/10
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Who needs to know about these requirements?

The requirements of Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) and Verification apply to:

Whenever they a


An inadequate Lockout/Tagout and Verification procedure may lead to:

What you need to do before performing work:

  1. Define work/protocols.

  2. Analyze hazards.
  3. LOTO-authorized employees have responsibility for recognizing the conditions of work that require LOTO, and assessing all of the hazardous energy sources. For more information, see Section 18.4.2 (LOTO-Authorized Employees).

  4. Develop controls.

Where to find out more:

Whom to contact for help: