Quick Start Guide
Chapter 1: General ES&H Requirements, Responsibilities, and Work Practices

Revised 02/13
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Who needs to know about these requirements?

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) Environment, Safety & Health (ES&H) Manual, previously known as PUB-3000, describes requirements that apply to all Berkeley Lab employees, participating affiliates, subcontractors, and visitors to the Berkeley Lab main site, its off-site locations, and its field operations.


The standards in this manual are designed to:

What you need to do before performing work:

Learn the principles and functions of the DOE Integrated Safety Management (ISM) system that Berkeley Lab has adopted to ensure that work is performed safely. You are expected to exercise the Integrated Safety Management (ISM) process whenever you plan or do work. For details, see the Integrated Safety Management System Overview tab in the ES&H Core Policy of the RPM wiki.
The core functions of ISM are:

The guiding principles of ISM are:

Berkeley Lab has adopted these seven ISM guiding principles, which are reflected in its detailed policies and procedures. Principal investigators, managers, supervisors, and work leads are expected to incorporate these principles into the management of their work activities (see Section 1.6.1, Line Management Responsibility and Accountability for ES&H). They are also responsible for integrating ES&H into work and for ensuring active, rigorous communication up and down the management chain with the workforce. For specific responsibilities at each level, see Section 1.7, Roles and Responsibilities.

Every person working in a Berkeley Lab workplace must be familiar with and implement applicable Laboratory safety standards. Sponsors must ensure affiliates have a safe work environment and that they understand the parameters of their work; affiliates must comply with safety instructions. See Section 1.6.3 , Competence Commensurate with Responsibilities.

All Berkeley Lab employees, contractors, and affiliates have the right and responsibility to stop work activities considered to be an imminent danger. For details, see Stop Work Policy.
Your rights and responsibilities include:

Where to find out more:

Whom to contact for help: