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Nearby Short-Term Accommodations

  • Men's Faculty Club *
    U.C. Campus
    Berkeley, CA 94720
    (510) 540-5678

  • Ramada Inn
    920 University
    Berkeley, CA 94704
    (510) 849-1121

  • Rose Garden Inn
    2740 Telegraph Avenue
    Berkeley, CA 94705
    (510) 549-2145
    or (800) 992-9005
    Long-term rates available; walking distance to campus; complimentary shuttle to shuttle bus service.

  • Women's Faculty Club *
    U.C. Campus
    Berkeley, CA 94720
    (510) 845-5084

  • YMCA *
    2001 Allston Way
    Berkeley, CA 94704
    (510) 848-6800

    * Within easy walking distance of Lab Offsite Shuttle Bus service

Housing Information

  • The Rentals and Roommates section of the Classified want ads.
  • The UC Berkeley Department of Housing and Dining website has extensive information about renting both short- and long-term in the Berkeley area. In addition, this site lists the locations and rates of local hotels and motels, several of which give discounts to UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab staff and guests.
  • The International House in Berkeley is an independent, non-profit organization with close ties to the University of California at Berkeley that can provide housing for scientists and students visiting at Berkeley Lab.
  • The San Francisco Bay Area section of Yahoo classifieds. These pages have general rental and shared rental listings for most Bay area cities.
  • SpringStreet, a fee-based housing and rental service that also provides detailed information about Bay area communities.