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Association By-Laws

The Employee Activities Association (EAA) by-laws define the framework for the operation and administration of the Association. A copy of the by-laws as well as program information may be obtained from the EAA Coordinator in Human Resources.


In order to enhance and improve employee morale, the Laboratory supports and encourage a broad program of cultural and recreational activities for Laboratory Employee Activities Association members. These activities use Laboratory, University and off-site facilities. These activities are monitored and supervised by the Human Resources Department with recommendations from the Association Advisory Panel. The Panel is advisory to the Chief Human Resource Officer. Current and retired Berkeley Lab employees and their immediate families are eligible to participate in activities of the Association.

I. Administration

Activities and budgets of the EAA are monitored by Human Resources and The HR Resource Analyst. The supervision of all activities is the responsibility of the Head of Human Resources or designee.

II. Name

The name of the Association is: The Berkeley Lab Employee Activities Association (herein referred to as the "EAA").

III. Purpose

The EAA is established to promote and support Laboratory-wide recreational, cultural, educational, and social activities at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the benefit of all employees.

IV. Activities

The EAA supports recognized activity clubs and Laboratory-wide events. Support may include publicity, provision for use of meeting places, and financial support. EAA supported activities events and activity groups are open to all Berkeley Lab employees.  Activities must have a clearly defined purpose and mission.

V. Membership

Regular and Associate members may participate in all activities of the EAA.  Members are free to leave any association without any threat of harassment or intimidation.

VI. Support for Activities

Support for activities shall be evaluated based on their proximity to the Berkeley Lab site, their relation to the workday, the level of Berkeley Lab community spirit created, the cost per employee, and the number of employees served.

Before commencement or renewal of support, the Head of Human Resources or designee shall determine that all supported activity of the EAA provides: