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About the Employee Activities Association (EAA)

A.     General 

B.     Funding Policies 

C.     Human Resources

D.     Support for Activities

E.     Supported Activities

F.     Use of Berkeley Lab Resources for Supported Activities

A.  General

The Laboratory Employee Activities Association (EAA) is an employee-administered association that is recognized and supported by the Laboratory. The EAA is established to promote and support Laboratory-wide recreational, cultural, educational, and social activities at the Laboratory for the benefit of all employees. Limited financial support and reasonable use of Laboratory properties for meetings and appropriate activities are provided by Laboratory management. Guidance and leadership of EAA activities are provided by the HR Resource Analyst and the EAA Coordinator.

B.  Funding Policies

The general spending guidance with regard to what can and cannot be paid with EAA funds can be found in the  EAA Spending Guidelines.  The spending guidelines need to be followed at all times.

  1. General
    1. All cost activities must stay within the allocated budget. If expenditures exceed the authorized budget or the approved expenditure request, the overage must be reimbursed by an individual from his or her private funds by means of a check made out to the provider of services or the UC Regents and given to the HR Resource Analyst.
    2. In the event the costs of an activity are below the authorized budget, the remaining funds will be returned to the EAA fund. The funds may not be transferred to another project ID or carried forward.
  2. Division-wide Employee Morale Activities
    1. Each division will receive an annual budget for division-wide employee-morale activities based on the October 1 employee count. 
    2. The EAA budget and division-wide morale activities come from the same funding source.  They are allocated first based on headcount.  The funding used for the Division-wide morale activities affects the overall budget for the EAA.
    3. EAA funds are limited by terms of Contract 31 and include division wide employee clubs.
    4. Prior approval of the HR Resource Analyst is required for all activities. Internal charges include, but are not limited to, work requests, food requests (provided by Berkeley Lab cafeteria), cost approval, and request for issuance of a check.
  3. EAA-Sponsored Clubs
    1. EAA clubs must submit a request for an annual allocation for the coming fiscal year by the end of July, for the upcoming fiscal year, each year by using the Activity Club Annual Operating Statement and Budget Request found under Forms.
    2. At least 30 days prior to the expenditure of funds, all activities, purchases, and internal charges must be approved by the HR Resource Analyst.

C.  Human Resources

The HR Resource Analyst will approve all requests for expenditure of EAA funds and provide administrative guidance to groups requesting program support for requesting, distributing, and accounting of funds.

D.  Support for Activities

Support for activities shall be evaluated based on their proximity to the Berkeley Lab site, their relation to the workday, the level of Berkeley Lab community spirit created, the cost per employee, and the number of employees served.

The HR Resource Analyst, or designee, shall, before commencement or renewal of support, determine that all supported activity of the Association provides:

E.  Supported Activities 

  1. Institutional Activities
    • On an annual basis, the Association supports:  
    • The Berkeley Lab Run-Around
    • Director's Holiday Party
    • Crafts Fair
  2. Recreational/Cultural/Educational Club Activities

    The following groups are currently supported by the Association:
  3. Other Support Activities

    On the basis of available resources, the Association will support other activities and groups that are recommended by Berkeley Lab employees. Support may include a provision for a meeting location, and financial support. New activity groups that seek Association support must submit a written petition for approval to the HR Resource Analyst.

F.  Use of Berkeley Lab Resources for Supported Activities

Unless approved by the Deputy Director of Operations, all activities of the Association must take place outside of normal working hours. Representatives of supported activities and groups may have conditional and limited access to the following Laboratory resources:

Usage of the above Laboratory resources is granted specifically for the purpose of announcing meetings and events of supported activities for EAA clubs, and may not be used for other non-work related purposes. Representatives of supported activities may not use Laboratory fax machines or any other Laboratory resources without expressed written approval of the HR Resource Analyst, or designee. Violations of the above provisions may result in revocation of Association supported status.