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Welcome to Open Skies!!!  


As of Friday, November 1st, Berkeley Lab travelers have more business travel options to the European Union (including Norway & Iceland), Japan, Australia, and Switzerland by our participation in the Open Skies Agreement!


The General Services Administration (GSA) Open Skies Agreements are an exception to the Fly-America Act which allows government and/or government contractor employees to utilize a non-U.S. air carrier from the United States to an Open Skies region. This exception will provide travelers with more airlines to choose from, greater time flexibility, and potentially lower airfares. 


Note: The Open Skies Agreement will only apply to Laboratory employees, affiliates, and non-employee guests (with "G" ID numbers); Subcontractor travelers may be included at a later date. 


All flights booked prior to November 1, 2019 to/from an Open Skies region must comply with the Fly-America Act. To utilize the Open Skies Agreement, travel arrangements must be made with the Lab's designated travel partner, CWT, by calling 888-243-1125 between the hours of 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Open Skies travel cannot be booked on Concur. Flights booked via Concur must comply with the Fly-America Act. We hope to have Concur modified by early 2020 for Open Skies ticketing. 


Utilizing the Open Skies Agreement can be initiated in three easy steps:

  1. Contact CWT at 888-243-1125, discuss travel plans with agent, and book travel to/from an Open Skies region
  2. Complete the Open Skies Waiver & Certification form
  3. Take trip, attach Open Skies Waiver (.pdf) to expense report, and submit for certification/approval

Below, please find a step-by-step guide to assist you with booking travel to an Open Skies region on a non-U.S. air carrier and a link to the Open Skies Waiver & Certification form. 


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