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Accounts Payable (AP) ensures timely payment of all supplier and non-payroll related employee payment requests. Accounts Payable maintains a strong system of controls to ensure that proper authorization and documentation is received before payments are made.

Vendors (Suppliers): 

  • Please submit your invoice as an attachment (PDF, Word, no embedded links) to [email protected]
  • On your invoice be sure to include: 
  • LBNL Purchase Order Number (seven digit number starting with #6 or #7 i.e. PO 7000000) Please ensure there is only 1 PO number on the invoice.
  • Unique Invoice Number. Please do not repeat/recycle invoice numbers.
  • Invoice Date
  • Remittance Address
  • Bill To Information (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  • If travel costs are to be reimbursed, the required travel receipts must accompany the invoice at the time of submission

Payment terms are based on receipt of an accepted invoice before payment/invoice can be processed. Please refer to your original subcontract for invoice submission/billing requirements. Timesheets or other required, pertinent supporting documentation must be attached to the original invoice, if required by the subcontract terms and conditions.Please also refer and review your original subcontract for payment terms, i.e. Net 15 or Net 30.


New AP Invoice Reports: 


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