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Tech Transfer
The Lighting Fixtures Project, led by Michael Siminovitch, has successfully designed flexible task and ambient lighting systems for home and public use that incorporate this CFL technology.
Traditional standing ambient floor lamps, or torchieres, burn hot. Our compact fluorescent torchieres are a safer and more energy-efficient alternative to halogen models, which are a fire hazard due to their high temperature.
A 1997 Popular Science magazine "Best of What's New" grand prize winner, these new torchieres are finding their way across the country and are in use in a number of university settings.


Inexpensive, Long-Lasting Home and Office Lighting for the 21st Century

Incandescent lighting has been the most common home lighting choice for years. Unfortunately, incandescent lamps are very inefficient. They waste a lot of energy and typically last only about 1,000 hours. By contrast, fixtures developed by Berkeley Lab use compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) that can last for 10,000 hours using 20 to 25% of the power.

Our newest innovation is a CFL task-ambient hybrid that provides both ambient and task-directed lighting, suitable for almost any environment. See "Mister Postman, Look and See," which describes a successful application of CFL task-ambient lighting at sorting stations in U.S. Post Offices.

The Berkeley table lamp has three separate settings. It can act as a standard desk lamp, provide task and ambient lighting simultaneously, or just act as a torchiere.

CFL task-ambient table lamps produce a high-quality light attractive to computer users. The number of households having computers is expanding rapidly. And, with growing concern for a comfortable, healthy workplace, appropriate lighting is an important necessity in office environments as well.

As of June 2001, Berkeley Lab has successfully licensed the technology to Light Corporation. The energy efficient table lamp is being manufactured and is available for order now at

Last updated: 09/17/2009