LBL Research Review Goes Online

LBL Research Review August 1994

THIS EDITION OF THE LBL RESEARCH REVIEW marks the first time that the magazine is being published both in print and electronically, on the Internet.

LBL researchers have been instrumental in developing the Information Superhighway, and now the Laboratory has created an extensive online information system accessible to the public. It is part of a global network called the World Wide Web that includes not only text but images, sound, and even film clips.

The debut of the LBL Research Review on the Web enhances the online information about the Laboratory which includes current news about the research findings here, as well as a voluminous body of up-to-date scientific reference material. Topics which can be explored include: "Archive of LBL Science Articles," "Catalog of LBL Research Abstracts," "Technology Transfer," and "Scientific Programs at LBL."

The scientific disciplines represented online include the life sciences, physics, chemistry, energy sciences, materials sciences, environment, and computing.

Those with direct access to the Internet can access LBL's online information either through Mosaic, lynx, or gopher. Subscribers to commercial online services that offer telnet or gopher not only can connect to LBL but also can use the link to LBL as a gateway to the thousands of other information systems on the World Wide Web. Much of the information on the Web is not accessible via telnet or gopher except through special gateways like that at LBL.

To access the LBL system through a commercial service using telnet, use the following command:
telnet Then, login as www and at the password prompt, press RETURN.

To access the LBLsystem through a gopher connection, use the following command:
gopher Next, select the second option and type www when asked to login.

For those with direct access to the Internet and who have Mosaic (which allows viewing of images as well as text), LBL can be reached through the URL (Uniform Resource Locator or address) of

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